The West Belfast Volunteers Flute Band was formed in late 2003 by a group of young men from the Highfield, Springmartin and Shankill area's of Loyalist West Belfast in Remembrance of the men of the 36th Ulster Division (Ulster Volunteer Force), Ulster Special Service Force 1912, 9th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles 1914-1918, The Shankill Road Boys and The 14th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles (The Young Citizen Volunteers) who gave their All For King, Country and Empire on the Blood Drenched Battlefields Across Northern Europe during the Great War of 1914-1918



West Belfast Volunteers F.B Membership : Remember Todays struggle  is not a Political one but it is keeping our Tradition alive thats why we need new members ,young and old so come along and give it a go .

Like all marching bands, we require our members to function as one unit, without them we wouldn't exist, we are always, as are all bands, happy to introduce new members to our family, whether you are experienced or a inexperienced. The West Belfast Volunteers Flute Band is always keen to take in new members, whether young or old, to promote our band culture and band traditions, for today and the future.

If you are intrested and would like to join the West Belfast Volunteers Flute Band, Please get in contact with us via our guestbook

To become a member you don’t have to be able to play an instrument, just have the commitment to learn how to.

At present we are currently recruiting for the following positions within the band

  • Colour Party
  • Side Drum
  • Bassdrum
  • Cymbals
  • Flautist

If you feel you can fulfill any of the above catagories please get in contact with the band by either attending a practice or leave us a message.

Thank you

West Belfast Volunteers F.B Committee.

Thank You for visiting our website, please take the time to sign our guestbook.


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